What other incentive offers instant gratification for consumers, carries high perceived & emotional value that transcends demographics, and drives web traffic?

Reward your customers and future customers with the gift of music. Powerful.

Whether you're at a trade-show or distributing gifts to your customers, give the universal appeal of music downloads. Custom branded to your company.

Turn physical traffic and interactions into targeted web traffic.

Because the incentives can be redeemed on-line, they can be used to generate Web traffic, build databases for ongoing marketing, and promote repeat sales.

With over 3.5 million songs available, there's something for everyone.

Music download PINs can be distributed in-pack, on-pack, via a custom branded card or through point-of-purchase materials, making them ideal for practically any & every application.

Custom Branded Cards & Music Stores


Front of card

The front of your card is completely customized to your brand or organization.

  • perfect for trade-shows
  • Great gift to reward loyalty
  • any denomination of tracks. 2, 5 10 or more.
  • perfect to use for marketing and audience awareness
  • we do the graphic design for you!

Front of card

We can get as creative as our imaginations will go. Die-cut cards are available too.

  • high percieved value. everyone loves music.
  • build loyalty while up-selling customers through a music offer

Back of card

Our graphic design and music experts do all the heavy lifting.

  • feature offers and incentives on the back of the card
  • promote other partners
  • very inexpensive marketing initiative

Back of card

Drive web traffic by having your customers go to the URL of your choice before they redeem their music.

  • perfect for data mining and collecting email addresses
  • effective way to get people to enter online contests
  • ideal for virtually any and every industry.

A custom made music download store with over 3.5 million tracks availble.

  • we populate your store with the music you want to feature
  • downloads directly to you itunes or preferred music player.
  • customize your music store with links that point back to your website

Music downloads go directly to iTunes or preferred music library. Your very own music store to promote to your customers.

  • tracks
  • albums
  • search all artists
  • custom search
  • seamless and easy download process