Leverage the power of music to attract new customers,
Reward Existing Customers & Drive Web Traffic

Welcome to Mega Digital Marketing

We provide branded & customized music download cards and music download stores to brands and companies who want to reach their marketing objectives in a unique and compelling way.

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We provide new releases added weekly. This includes List management of Top Artists, Top Albums, Top Songs and merchandizing of CD graphics to keep your music store fresh and relevant. User friendly and intuitive functionality. Search, sample and download MP3‘s into your iTunes or chosen media library

Mega Digital Marketing

Your music download PINs can be distributed in-pack, on-pack, via a custombranded card, through point-of-purchase materials or even virtually, making them ideal for practically any & every application.

Mega Digital Marketing

We handle ALL of the heavy lifting from graphic design to printing. From populating your music store with tunes that are targeted at your demographic to providing reports on Top Downloaded Artists and Songs. Turn key at its finest.

Mega Digital Marketing


What other incentive offers instant gratification for consumers, carries high perceived & emotional value that transcends demographics, and costs virtually nothing to deliver?

Drive Traffic

Because the download incentives can be redeemed on-line, they can be used to generate Web traffic, build databases for ongoing marketing, and promote repeat sales.

Music PINs

Music PINs can be distributed in-pack, on-pack, via a custom branded cards, through point-of-purchase materials - making them ideal for practically any and every marketing application.